Call for Submissions Antithese #2: The Maagdenhuis Appropriation

Since the 25th of February De Nieuwe Universiteit is reclaiming the Maagdenhuis as an autonomous space to rethink the university’s model. While the protests started at the UvA, for a big part against the budget cuts on the Humanities faculty, our struggle is becoming much broader: everywhere in the Netherlands people are grouping themselves under the banner of De Nieuwe Universieit. This historical moment has already inspired lots of students from abroad and Amsterdam has become a new front line of the international student struggle.

For the second issue of Antithese, we invite critical and creative submissions that engage this transition from the occupation of the Bungehuis to the Maagdenhuis’ appropriation. We are looking for :

• critical analysis
• abstracts of in-depth articles on the global struggle
• short personal stories concerning the Maagdenhuis
• poetry, creative writings, artworks
• pictures

Your contributions (1 500 words) will be published in the new Antithese DIY magazine and online blog. Note that you can write in the language of your choice.

Deadline : Sunday 4th of April 18:00
Send your submissions to :

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